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One night my wife and I were out to dinner with our two best friends when we noticed they were having a problem. When we asked what the problem was, they said they got into a fight last night when someone at a club came up to our guy friend and said they thought they recognized him from a Porn Movie. His girlfriend said she was not mad because someone mistook him for a Pornstar, but because he kind of liked the idea and played it up for a while with all the other people there. She said he did not deny it at first and they all started thinking he was really a porn star, and he told them he was now "Retired". He said the attention he got was very exciting, people even started asking him for his autograph and they were taking pictures with him. Later that night after our friends made up we all thought wouldn't it be fun to go out just for a night and have strangers think you were a Retired Pornstar, so the idea was born, and we decided why not make up shirts that say "I am a Retired Pornstar." So we started this new website so others like you could feel the excitement our friend felt. We hope you all enjoy our idea and have as much fun pretending for a night to be a Retired Pornstar as our friend did. Our shirts and hats will make great gag gifts for Birthdays or for a friend who is Retiring.